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Our Expert exterminators can treat termites and other pests and rodents. Trust Our Company for your termite inspection and pest control services needs.

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Discover the best pest control services in your city. Our pest control Services List: bed bugs, termites, moles, cockroaches, or any others.


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Donald K.

We had a termite inspection and application jobs. Both processes were excellent. They were very professional and thorough in assessing the condition of our home. They were very courteous, knowledgeable and informative. We highly recommend them.

Maya S.

Highly recommended! We had an inspection with Yuki, who was incredibly honest and told us the problem was not as bad as we thought it was. It is very rare to find such an honest company.

Gayle L.

I had both kinds of termites. I also had dry rot on some of the eaves. They replaced the wood, painted it and made it look better than before. They injected into the walls of infected areas that left very little markings. The guys also had to drill holes in the concrete to inject the treatment. The repair was so good, I had to hunt and find where they drilled the holes to begin with. He really knows his bugs! Thank you for your help.

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6 tips

6 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Pests During Hurricane Season

1. Amp Up Your Pre-Storm Pest Control Efforts. 2. Drain Standing Water to Prevent an Influx of Mosquitoes. 3. Get Rid of Tainted Food and Damaged Debris to Avoid Flies and Rodents. 4. Identify and Assess Any Water Damage to Stop Termite and Ant Infiltrations. 5. Check for Any Openings Caused by Structural Damage. 6. Contact a Pest Control Professional for a Home Inspection.

fire ants

How Fire Ants Survive Flood Waters

When people think of stinging insects in the summer, wasps or yellowjackets are likely to come to mind. What most do not realize is that hurricane season, which begins in June and goes through the end of November, is a popular time of year when homeowners in the southern United States are disturbed by another type of stinging insect – red imported fire ants (RIFA). This aggressive ant species has the ability to survive in extreme weather conditions, such as the flooding that may occur in the coming months.

Could Termites

Could Termites Be Inside Your Walls?

Termite infestations can severely damage the structural stability of a home without anyone even knowing before it’s too late. In fact, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year, making vigilance of the utmost importance. Could termites be lurking behind your walls and causing structural damage to your home? View this infographic to learn about the top five signs of a termite infestation in the home.

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